Hurricane Sally Makes Landfall Near Gulf Shores

Biloxi Boy

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Louisiana and Mississippi dodged a bullet -- a small one, but still a bullet. Our friends in south Alabama and west Florida were not as fortunate. Those of you who know folks over there need to check on them. From my experience in Camille and Katrina, and several lesser storms, I can assure you that there is nothing so valuable right now as knowing you are not alone and others who care have your back. (I foolishly lost my sons' insulin supplies in Katrina and a friend in north Mississippi got replacements to us within days.)

I will not invoke the dieties because what we were spared was inflicted upon others. It is more comforting to consider hurricanes to be one of those evils just set loose and left to its own devices. We can only beat such beasts through collective love, good will, and support.


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The Truth!

It is pretty hard to say "thank you Lord for sparing me" when we all know that means the disaster fell on someone else. Offhand, it is beating up a couple first cousins of mine and their families in Pensacola. I have friends or family from West Louisiana and Houston all the way to the Atlantic coast of Florida. We know these things are going to catch some of us.

After having my home in the cone to experience hurricane force winds a few days ago, I am fortunatel enough to not get any more than some cool breezes so far.

Good luck to those in the storm!



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Those fighting the west coast fires would gladly accept some of that rain.

Some say this one only the start of what is shaping up to be a bad hurricane season. Wishing all well...

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Another cruel irony -- the amount of rain dumped by Sally would have extinguished all of the West Coast fires in hours. We are talking in terms of 12"+ per day. I do not like hurricanes, but fire strikes deep fear. Good luck to all out west.


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Bad season could be the understatement of the year if the current other
five (5) storms already underway reach our shores. It can even get worse.


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Hurricanes are no joke grew up on the Gulf coast. Hope folks get out of the way of this storm.

Biloxi Boy

Man With A Golden Arm provides the following rainfall statistics:

Highest rainfall reports (3 day) from Hurricane #Sally:
Bellview, FL: 30.00"
Pensacola, FL: 24.80"
Destin, FL: 24.52"
Orange Beach, AL: 21.99"
Gulf Shores, FL: 21.83"
Pensacola, FL: 20.35"

Naval Air Station- 24.8 inches