In San Antonio for the week

Keith Jawahir

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leaving Friday morning, just looking for some recommendations, preferably Brunswick or Diamond 9-footers.


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There are a few 9' Diamonds and Gold Crowns in San Antonio, but the city is built on 8 footers and bar boxes. Try GCue's for 9' Diamonds, 9' GC's and a very nice snooker table, also a little action if you're looking.

There are also a couple of 9' GC's at Fast Eddies on Culebra. Don't know what shape they're in since I haven't been by in some time. The GM is Rudy Sanchez and if he has time, he'll play some. Nice guy!

7' Diamonds at a new place on the northside called Fat Rack's. The owners, Daniel and his wife, are great people.

If you have some time on your hands, head north up I-35 to Roundrock, TX. to the Texas State 9 Ball Championships at Skinny Bob's this weekend. All 9' GC's with Diamond bar boxes in a separate room. Lotta heavy hitters coming in for that. Calcutta Friday night and play starts Saturday morning. Play goes through until Monday night. Little over an hour drive from SA. Open 24 hrs./day for the weekend!

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