Inlay Epoxy Question


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It's my 1st time doing inlays on a cue. The material used for the parts is Ivory Juma. Should I use a white pigment epoxy to glue them in, or an ivory/cream color epoxy? And what pigment would be best to use for both the white and the ivory color?

I did use the search function on here...but didn't really come up with what I was looking for.

Any help on this would be really appreciated.



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The only epoxy dye I have really liked using with inlays is black. I suggest practicing using ebony or other black material in either the cue or the inlays at first until you get your methods down to where everything fits so tight that you do not need any color added to the glue.


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I agree with Chris. Get to a point where you don't need a dye. In the long run dye will give you less then desirable results.