International Final Four in 9Ball


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Gorst is the proverbial beast in these three matches. I was talking to junior competitor Joey Tate yesterday, right after he’d won a loss-side match and after congratulating him, he said “Yeah, thanks, I wish I’d played like this when I was playing X (don’t remember which opponent came to his head at that moment). But it was a recognition that players tend to hit a groove in individual matches that can vary from ball to ball, game to game and match to match. It’s often not about who’s best but who’s best at the moment of contact. Gorst has been in his ‘groove’ for over a week now. Won the Big Foot event earlier in the week and has been breezing through his five matches with nary a hitch. Zielinski has been gutting it out through this event and while (an impression) it’s not a ‘smooth groove,’ it’s been very effective. The combined groove of these four competitors as it comes together today is going to be really fun to watch no matter whose groove ascends to the title. And that applies as well to the four junior competitors who’ll be squaring off today; a 12 and 14-year-old girl will compete in the finals of the 18 & Under girls division (Noelle Tate and Sofia Mast) at noon, while defending 18 & Under boys champion Landon Hollingsworth will face Joey Tate in a repeat of last year’s championship at 2. And make no mistake, these matches aren’t about seeing who’ll miss shots the most. They play very high caliber pool and they approach the balls, games and matches with a stronger, youthful hatred of loss than their adult counterparts do.
Every one of these matches is well worth watching on the Accu-stats stream.
On a personal note, not associated with any verifiable stats, I’d like to see the American 14:1 Straight Pool championship runner-up, Wiktor Zielinski break through and down Gorst and then Shaw for the title. He’d likely ride high on that groove for months.