Introducing "Practice 14.1" - Your personal straight pool tracking app


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Finally logged 1000 balls and unlocked the expanded analysis. Very cool, but I have to admit this app is wasted on a D player such as myself.

Enjoying it 👍🏼😎


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Thanks for your feedback, so glad you`re loving the app :love:

The handicapped practice style definitely sounds very ambitions. I can imagine beating that kind of ghost very rarely as it requires you to run 28-42 balls per inning on average! Great thought though and I will put this on the feature list for future updates. However, focus is currently on an Android version as I have received quite many requests for it recently.

By now, you can workaround playing a practice match and entering the handicap for your "partner score" manually. Guess this is how you are doing it right now?

The problem using current 14.1 scoring apps to play the ghost is that they rely on remaining ball count, so you can’t set a defined handicap then rerack the balls. They app thinks there’s still balls on the table etc. I think I play 14.1 at a pretty high level (never actually played a real game, so I should say, “I play practice runs at a decent level”), so I’ve beaten two racks + remaining balls numerous times. I don’t mind toooooo much going in increments of 14 to accommodate the scoring apps, but if you want to change it increments lower than that, it screws up the ball count.

For example, if I want to play the ghost at 10 + remaining balls, or just 10 (the remaining balls is just for a bit of incentive and variety, and it works with the scoring apps for ball count), then I have to add 10 to the ghost then I miss, but the app will assume there are not 15 balls still on the table when I rerack to start my inning. Know what I mean?

So let’s say I start a match vs the ghost and the ghost’s handi is 10 + remaining balls. I play my break shot, pot 6 balls and miss, for a total of 7 points. There’s 8 balls left on the table, so the ghost should get 18 points. So in a normal scoring app I would hit miss, 8 balls remaining, ghost plays his inning, new rack (7 points to ghost) then miss, 4 balls remaining (11 points to ghost) for the ghost to get 18 points. But now it’s my inning and I’m starting with a full rack again. There’s aren’t 4 balls remaining.

Lol, I know this sounds really weird and specific, but there’s no easy way in a 14.1 scoring app to do this without handicapping in full 14 point increments, which can make adjusting the ghost’s skill level quite difficult. Of course, I can use a non 14.1 generic scoring app, but then you lose all the cool stats, history, etc that 14.1 apps have.

Phew, that was longer than I expected.


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This app is great. Thanks. It’d be cool if you could input what size table 7,8,9,10 and maybe pocket size and be able to look at your results overall and by table size too.

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