Iowa State Tournament


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For those who don't know about the Iowa State tournament that will take place next week April 9 - 13 in Davenport Ia at the river center, plan to attend. There is a proam ran in conjuntion with the Iowa State pool players association amatuer tournament. Diveney Cues will be paying an additional 250.00 to the person who places highest in the proam using a Diveney Cue. We will double it if he wins the event. Just a little incentitive to help promote the tournament. Pat Diveney
Can someone tell me how to use spelling check on these threads. I'm pritty green at this.


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great idea pat!
looking forward to seeing you there
always a fun time watching the pro-am
i,m sure someone will place high using one of your cues


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It's great to see you supporting the tournament Pat. I'll see you there. Do you have any Kamui tips? A friend of mine needs a tip and I'd like to see him try a Kamui like I have.

BTW, don't you have something to announce...something along the lines of so-and-so will debut this week as a Diveney player and whether said player will do such at the ISPA tournament?


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Iowa State trney


You can highlight the entire post and then right click on the text, a menu will pop up and "spell check the entire field will be an option. Don't know if thats just firefox browsers or if its an option here in the forum. By the way, I spoke to SVB over the Easter holiday and he was very excited about his new cue. I'm sure it's a beauty as he doesn't come across as picky, but if he doesn't like something it's easy to tell.

Best of luck in the future,

Jay Jensen