IPA English 8-ball player ranks?


Here in the USA I have access to Billiard TV channel via Xumo and I have been watching some English 8-ball matches.

Many of these players are darned good but with my access to Fargo (the free version of the app) I don’t find the names of the players there. So I’m wondering how some of these better players would (or already are?) ranked compared to names at the pointy end of Fargo lists.

(For example right now watching Clint I’Anson v Tom Barley.)

This forum doesn’t have much action; hoping people see it here and can respond. Thanks.


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World class players such as Gareth Hibbott and Tom Cousins, who have dabbled in 9 Ball, have Fargo ratings in the low to mid 700s. While these ratings are not robust, this suggests they would be competitive against top players in short races.

I think any world class cueist, from any discipline of billards, is likely to be at least 700 in Fargo. What they lack in breaking, strategy and jumping is compensated enough by their superior technique, accuracy and consistency against top amateurs and semi-pros.

Positively Ralf

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I've always wondered something, are English 8 ball, blackball and other variants of the game call shot games?