Is Jesse Thehu a Snooker Champion?


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I saw fantastic Draw and Follow shots by Jesse Thehu Snooker on YouTube,and was wondering are they unedited? I haven't seen his name in Snooker tournaments,so I was wondering if these shotes were from unedited video,because they are spectacular,and seem to match some of the best ever seen for showmanship and skill.

Bob Jewett

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... and was wondering are they unedited? ...
It is obviously edited but probably not faked. It is possible to do amazing things if you have a good stroke and 30 tries and maybe a little wax. It appears that Thehu is a strong player at pool with a Fargo rating of about 720 (equal to Tony Robles).

Carl Hungness

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I agree he is a most accomplished cueist. He does state in some of his videos the snooker cue ball may be of a much lighter weight than normal, thus promoting fabulous spin action. This is not to take away from the man's obvious skills.