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This kind of got lost in another thread so I am going to be egotistical and repost it here:

Forum Member Blah Blah ordered a J.Flowers Tribute Case and this is what she had to say about it,

"I just got my Barton/Flowers case last week. http://www.jbcases.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=5173

It is beautiful. Truly beautiful. I should post pics but I can't at work, so that was just the ordering link.

Now, if I wanted to make it drop- dead perfect, I would have pockets like on some of his other cases- where they're lined with soft linen and have wrap- around zippers so you can open them wide like a display case (great for signed dollars!). These pockest are stiff and unlined, but I expect they'll soften soon enough.

As it is, it was an incredible deal (even if he had charged $100 more it'd be a deal), looks awesome, smells like a new Coach purse, and has my name right on the shoulderpad in case someone asks me and I totally blank and can't remember.

Not only did it arrive earlier than expected but the attn to detail was amazing: every flower is lined up perfectly with the lines of the case and with the crescents in the patterns. Anything a little "off" would have bothered me- I'm that picky.

Actually... it's way better than a new Coach purse. "


Now I know some of you are waiting on your cases. Some of you are waiting on your second or third case. Some of you are patiently waiting on some repair issue.

I just wanted to share this and let everyone know that the production line is due out soon, the first batch was well received at the BCA show.

And that doing it right takes time. There is a reason that all of our elements are polished. I do all my experimenting and refining on cases that don't reach the customers. You have a lot of case choices out there right now with new case makers seeming to come out of the woodwork every week.

I'd be a fool to say that competition doesn't matter. While I certainly believe that there is still plenty of room for more case makers I have to stand up for ourselves and make sure that JB Cases and the related cases that come out of our shop don't get lost in the shuffle.

I challenge each of you as consumers to compare very carefully the price to benefits relationship that comes with every JB Case, be it JB Customs, J.Flowers Tribute, Sterling Wave Cases, Crown Cases, or the simple Classic Series by Sterling.

Pay attention to the smallest details. The comfort and ergonomics of the handles and straps, the built in protection, ease-of-use, workmanship in both construction and decoration. Take the time to compare these details and keep yourself educated about them. Don't accept anything less just because it's "hand made" or "hand stitched". We own sewing machines and rivet setters and all the things that a modern shop needs to produce top quality leather goods. We also do a lot of hand stitching and hand making in our cases. In fact most of the work to make our cases is done by hand. The difference though is that I don't accept it if it's sloppy work. There are plenty of people out there who do every single operation without power tools and their work is flawless. Don't accept anything less if someone wants to use the words hand-sewn and hand-made.

You can see what we do at www.jbcases.com

Thank you Blah Blah for your order and I am happy to know that we exceeded your expectations.


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Flowers Tribute

Just to add to John's thread, as many of us should. I have one of the Tribute cases and it is one of the best made cases I have ever owned. The price is more than reasonable for what I recevied in regards to custom work, craftsmanship, and protection.
John, I am sure no one has forgotten this among the influx of new case makers.
As always, good luck with your continued success.

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I have 2 of this Tribute case and ordered another one. Need I say more.

Thanx a lot John.