Jacqueline Karol, Instructor


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I am very fortunate to be working with a Pool Instructor such as Jacqueline (The Angel of Billiards) Karol. Although I've played for a number of years, from the very start, taking Jackie's advice and listening to her feedback, my pool game as opened up in ways I truly didn't think were possible. Jackie is deeply passionate about the game of pool and equally as passionate with the progress of each and every student, regardless of their level. She combines a strong work ethic that naturally motivates students with an awesome sense of humor! If you get the chance to be a student of Jackie's, you'll be one of the lucky ones! -Graham Greer


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I am learning so much! Jackie is such a great teacher and has so much information to share. I can already feel a difference when I play! She’s my definition of a winner.


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Jackie is a neat lady and has some game. She won the BCA National 8 Ball Championship a few years ago, so she's got street cred.

I met her last year when I was in town picking my son up from school and we had a nice chat. I've been meaning to call her to see if she plans to come down to LA to play in the Swanee in February.

The DownLo is nice hidden gem too, 10 Diamonds basically in the middle of nowhere, lol!

Do you guys play in the leagues there? Then I gather you both know "Baxter", he's a member here too.

And welcome to the forum!!!! :grin-square: