"JC" Jensen Cue for sale


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Vintage "JC" Jensen cue... A very nice "JC" model Jensen made by Mike Johnson in 1987.

This cue comes with one shaft made from AAA old stock shaft wood complete with Phenolic ferrule & Mike's signature "Milk Dud" tip installed; the shaft is 12.25 at the tip with a long pro taper, it hits solid and straight, and really spins the balls when desired; and I mean it really, really spins the balls. The shaft has a ring, but the joint is wood on wood.

The butt is stained maple, wood on wood joint, with matching rings, and nicely seated Irish Lenin wrap.

The cue rolls straight and has no problems; it was refinished by Jensen cues last year.

Asking 500.00 OBO - A great price for such a great hitting cue.

Private message me to discuss details.
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