JC ( John Chaplin ) Cue Review


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After a lengthy 15+ year hiatus from pool i got the itch to bang balls and wanted to try a longer cue because i shrank a couple of inches so i contacted my old friend Dean ( azb member "deanoc" ) with regards to who was a good maker with reasonable lead times. Without hesitation he said "John Chaplin" or "JC" on the board.

i contacted John, gave him my desired specs and received my cue in a timely fashion.

John is unusual, he didn't promise anything and delivered a LOT.

The cue i ordered:

60" even split

19 +- oz

bumperless " HOPPE " butt, sans ring

FF wood to wood joint with 3/8 X 10 joint screw

HEAVY. close grain shafts, One conical (stiff) original SW/KERSENBROCK taper and the other a longer (pro) G. SZAM taper

i wanted him to keep in mind that a cue's tonal qualities and feedback are important to me

wood i like ( with weight being a consideration ) are, maple, bubinga, purple heart, etc.

The cue i received incorporated EVERYTHING we talked about.

The shafts weigh a whooping 4.3 oz without inserts

the shafts and butt are LASER straight apart and together

although i didn't order premium tips i received moori's

it rings like a steel jointed SCRUGGS with IV ferrules


Although a banger i've owned a few DPk'S, over 50 SW, 15+- G SZAM, handfull B SZAM, 8 +- SEARING, a couple BUSHKAS, etc., etc., etc.

Can still appreciate a fine cue that's made the right way with quality components

I'll see if John has pics of my cue and if he'd like to post them on this thread
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