Jensen Cue for sale...Keith McCready owned and played.


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Jensen cue unwrapped photo....

After Christmas price break... Price: 700.00 or best offer with 2 shafts

Cue Maker: Mike Johnson
Wood: Solid Mexican Bocote

Here is the story of this cue:

The cue rolls perfectly with both shafts... Both shafts are original to the cue made with old growth AAA shaft wood, top grained, and complete with a beautiful rich patina; they just don't make shafts like this any more. Both shafts have phenolic ferrule, with Jensen "milk dud" tips, and little taper so you are able to customize them as you wish. Shaft "A" is exactly 13mm and weighs 3.65 ounces. Shaft "B" is 12.8mm and weighs 3.5 ounces... The butt weighs exactly 16.00 ounces... Mike Johnson of Jensen cues refinished the cue last month adding the leather wrap... The cue is in great condition... 3/8-10 pin... Wood on wood with ring...

Mike made 3 sister cues like this in 1991, each having different rings. One went to Cole Dickson, one to Grady Mathews, and the third was made for McReady. It was rumored that McReady lost or sold his cue to Gerald Palmer in Amite, Louisiana in the mid-nineties; which is in my area.

Mike Weeks, " I purchased on of the sister cues a few years back and found it belonged to Cole... Then I ran across this matching cue, which was own by a local hustler known as "Black Tony" and attempted to purchase it for several years... His wife purchased it at a garage sale for $10.00 unbelievably, with a case!

So finally had a bad day, and traded it to me for a pricier model. When Mike Johnson pulled the wrap off, we discovered "Keith's" name underneath the wrap. So the rumors were put to rest, it was indeed the cue I had been searching for..."[/I]

Detail Specs:

Weight: A. 19.65oz B. 19.5oz
Butt Weight: 16.00 oz
A Shaft: 13 mm, 3.65 oz B Shaft size: 12.8mm, 3.5 oz.
Ring work: custom, Mike Johnson
Pin: 3/8-10 pin Joint: wood on wood
Ferrule Material: phenolic ferrule
Tip: Milk Dud

U.S. Shipping Policies

We will pack your item very carefully and ship all cues via FEDEX 2-Day, FEDEX Home Delivery, or USPS Priority Mail (customer's preference) AND your package will be insured for the full amount of the purchase price to avoid any loss incurred due to mishandling by the shipper.

There is a flat fee of $25.00 USD to ship a cue to any of the lower 48 States. We will insure the package for the value of the product that is being shipped. Shipping to locations beyond the lower 48 states will require additional shipping charges that will be determined at the time of purchase.
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Tis the night before Christmas SPECIAL! Dropping the price on this cue


Dropping the price on this cue ... $750.00 obo...clearing out our inventory of cues and posting more shortly.

Private message me for discussion and shipping will be on THURSDAY, December, 26 if purchased today.