Sold Jerry Rauenzahn ~ Model 26 1/2 Titlist Hoppe Tribute

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Back up for your consideration is a gorgeous custom 1 of 1 build by Jerry using Lacewood & BEM.

Full natural joint, Wedge, Hoppe ring, ferrules and fancy stitch work -- featuring a fully mitered natural wedge with Titlist veneers -- the only 1 Jerry ever made with this design.

Cue is like new; either shaft has only been test hit; easily 98%+ condition.

Butt weighs, 14.6 oz, 29", SS radial pin, full natural joint
S1 weighs 4 oz, 29", 12.8mm natural ferrule
S2 weighs 4 oz, 29", 12.9 mm natural ferrule
Teju lizard wrap
Fully mitered Wedge with Titlist veneers
Natural Hoppe
Custom JP's by Jim Baxter
Signature on the forearm

This really is a special cue; the full natural joint with the big SS radial pin produces an amazing hit!

$OLD 😎👍


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Jerry's cues to me are as good as or better than tad tasc szamboti ect ... this cue especially looks gorgeous. if it didnt have a wrap i would have already bought it ...


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Seems like a fair price.

If somebody claims this one I’ll claim one just like it-
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