Jesse Engle and Perfect Aim at Oconomowoc,Wi


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This is going to be a great tournament. $10,000 added and with all the trimmings. Dean ( dr pool) has been criusing the country up here doing this for awhile and it's great for pool. is where you can see the format.

Jesse and myself drove over here last night to see what we can do. I'm here to try and win this thing and so is Jesse.

There won't be any Perfect Aim lessons but I might do some after the tourny is done.

What a great weekend. Green Bay kicking the Atlanta Falcons butt on Sunday and 2 great tournys leading up to that.

Have a great weekend everyone. Geno................

hitman jones

good luck

hey buddy me and jr is going to derby city we are going to shoot in the banks hope to see you there good luck to you and jesse see ya later