JimmyK's Black Boar Everest Remembered


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Remembering one of the stunning Cues of the past.....

Just made these Cue Shaft Caps for JimmyRayK... :smile:
I wanted to assure I made something worthy of the magnificence of "EVEREST"..

Thank You Jimmy. :smile:
Thank you Will. :smile:

During Will Prout's International Cue Collector Show - Denver Colorado -2015
Tony Sciannella's Black Boar "EVEREST"..

The "EVEREST" now resides in the Kissinger Collection..

"That's why they are the Masters.. nonchalantly drilling into a huge chunk of Ivory".. Alton Takata :smile:


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If ever a Cue showed perfection it is this Black Boar the Everest, along with those magnificent joint protectors.


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Alton never stops amazing me. He is a true pleasure to work with. They turned out wonderful. Thank you. 😀 😀 😀


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Awesome cue! Alton, your caps definitely make a fitting and worthy complement.


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This is a stunning cue, hard to improve upon that buttsleeve!
Great cue caps Alton! You are amazing, creative and flawless! Best!
You made the cue even better, and rose Everest to an even higher level!

Congratulations Jimmy! A great addition to your collection!

Will Prout


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Thank You Will

1st. Guys, Thank You for posting or viewing. :)

Thank you for Posting Will. :)
Like you and the ICCS, I, too, try to keep the sprit and enthusiasm of one of America's coolest contribution to the world.. The American Cue Maker.

I am fortunate , to have the opportunity to create Commemorative Cue Caps for some of the most beautiful and significant Cues of out time..
Hoping it will provide " Aesthetically Appealing Documentation".. :D

Next.. Big Gina Cue Cap .. Hold on :smile:
Nice to see some old Friends :)


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