Joe Baker Custom J/B cue


First here are the specs of my Joe Baker J/B cue;

Cocobolo/BEM Jump/Break cue, with Elforyn Hoppe ring. Two shafts with White Diamond tips. One shaft has a 1" black phenolic ferrule, with black trim ring, and the other shaft has a 3/4" brown phenolic ferrule, with mahogany trim ring. It has a 3/8-10 joint pin as well as a phenolic insert in both shafts. The weight is 19.4/19.5 with the lighter of the two shafts. The 3/4" ferruled shaft came in at 4.3 oz. @13mm and the other shafts is around 3.7 oz @13mm.

I started looking for a new break jump cue as I hated my phenolic tip J/B cue as the pin was a QR and it came loose very easily and I couldn't stand the phenolic tip. I was looking at the Samsara cue, but didn't want to spend 500 on a J/B cue.

While I was looking for a new J/B cue I put a Samsara J/B Tip on a 20 oz Adams I had laying around and it was definitely a step up over the phenolic tip J/B cue, but I still needed a dedicated J/B cue.

To give you an idea I the cues I use, I have a Schon R1, Schon SL3, Sideways Josswest, and Mike Durbin is currently making one for me.

Ran across this cue and it is outstanding. Everything is tight, the fit and finish is perfect and it hits a ton. Extremely smooth and well balanced cue. I break well and on approximately 80% of my breaks I will sink at least one ball, so I was mainly just looking for a higher quality cue. My son is a terrible breaker and when he started using the JB Custom J/B cue, his breaks improved dramatically even over the Samsara tipped Adams. He still doesn't sink anything consistently but he is getting much better ball separation. On a side note, I think I will put a Samsara J/B tip on one of the shafts to compare with the White Diamond.

I would highly recommend Joe Baker for a great hitting, well finished cue. Below are pictures;


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I miss this one already! :smile: Enjoy that beauty for a long time to come!! :thumbup: