Joe Brown from Ohio Murdered


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No bat involved and saying it was a gang is a reach. Joe was sucker punched and hit his head on the concrete. Another senseless murder. Luckily they caught the pos. I used to play volleyball there all the time and Jason has a nice place. Unfortunately it's not in the greatest areas of Dayton.


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in this day and age it is not a good idea to take a job or do or say things that will negatively interact with strangers.

you never know when it can turn violent on you. and being tough doesnt cut it anymore.
thats a job for the cops.

things like this are tragic but we can learn something as well.


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What a terrible thing. Joe was a good guy. I remember playing with him in tournaments at Airway 25 years ago. I was at the Glass City Open in about 2001 or so when he beat out Alex Pagulayan. Joe was a strong player. RIP.


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Joe was a great guy. I and some buddies were just up in Ohio where Joe was and we were trying to match up. Joe knew who we were and he stood his ground and didn't knock us to the guy we were trying to play. I hope the guy that did this gets what he deserves in life!!

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I believe if one of the gang tried to rob the place at the same time then all could be charged with murder... No life in prison and the tax payers have to pay...


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The perp was indicted for murder: