Joey Bautista(Joey In Cali)


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If you've not had a a chance to play with a cue by AZ's very own Joey Bautista,you are really missing something.I have ,over the years , owned many custom cues and Joey's cue is the best playing cue I have ever played with. On top of playability Joey has incredible woods and has incredibly good taste in pairing them. He also is a man of his word and delivers absolutely in every facet of of his craft. Thanks,Mike S.


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Meticulous in everything he does. All wood is aged naturally and will be discarded at any stage of the build if it turns. It must remain pristine. I have known him since he was apprenticing with Kerry and his knowledge is off the charts but he is open to what ever a fellow cue maker may have to say. I have hit with many, many of his cues and they all have that special "feel." He is the epitome of the Old World Craftsman. I only have two. A Bubinga and a Brazilian Rosewood. However, every time I go by to visit I fall in love with something in his shop. If I were younger I would have a constant order in for a cue. He knows that if a customer dies or falls on hard times I will buy their cue sight unseen.

Knowledge and integrity go a long way in my book.