John Henderson One Pocket, Nov. 18-19,2023, Sacramento, Ca. $1,500 added


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November 18-19th, 2023.
Doors open at 10AM-Play begins at about 11 AM.
$60 entry, ($10 T.D. fee included).
Race 3/3, but may be modified depending on field size.
No limit on field.


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Brian_Laflamme, Howdy;

... and the venue would located where??? in Sacramento???

just askin'



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I would like to apologize for the last minute announcement of the tournament. I realize that it may not be enough notice for some people to be able to make it. We had already planned the tournament for John prior to the sudden health issues that led to his passing. It was intended to be a yearly tournament like we have for Little Al Romero and Jerry Johnson. To announce a tournament mere days after his passing is not something I felt comfortable doing, so I waited.

Sorry if my decision will deprive anyone of the ability to attend.