Kevin Varney Cue


Any Kevin Varney cues for sale out there. Also looking for a Lucasi jump/break cue(the older style). Thanks!


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@mreid I have a Kevin Varney available. It's a kingwood sneaky pete that I had modified by Shawn Putnam. I had him add an elephant skin wrap and 8 beautiful 4 layered diamond inlays (ivory, red stained burl that looks like fire, ivory again, and silver dot in the center). To my knowledge, this is the only Varney cue that has had this level of work done to it.

The cue will need to be refinished, as it was my player for many years, but it still rolls straight and plays amazing.


Keith E.

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I have a 57" Varney j/b, made in 2000, with a j/b & a shooting shaft. PM if you'd like pics and details.



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i got one said id never sell . i will post pics soon as i can . wrapless zebrawood and the best looking bem you ever will see. brand new
kevin was a friend of mine .