Konllen Carbon Break and Jump Queue experience


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The shaft I'm sure is fine just like the other cheap china shafts, big ridge down it but it's fine, what's the butt made of? I seen a few china break/jump Cues and the pin seems to always move where it breaks down and causes a wobble but still it works fine.

Biggest down fall is they carry no value


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It should also be carbon. I don't have it yet, I'll let you know as soon as it arrives.


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Don't have an experience using the cue, but the brand is quite known here in Indonesia (SE Asia) - there are a few products available, like cues, gloves, cue towels etc.


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I have a guy on one of my APA teams that bought one on Amazon. It feels okay but sounds a bit strange. He likes it. The allowed him to make 6 monthly payments of $50 for it. Shaft appears to be CF. A bit heavy for my taste at 21oz, no weight bolt.