Lambros vs BD Cue


I recently switched to a BD cue from a predator. I liked the hit and stopped playing with the pred.
I was able to purchase a Lambros and should receive it by the end of the week. Can anyone tell me if there is an appreciable difference in the play between the two?

I guess what I'm trying to determine is how much of an adjustment there will be.

If it helps the B.D. cue is 60 inches 30/30 split.
I got the Lambros from superior cues and it will come with an 8 inch extension.


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There will be an appreciable difference. Whether or not that difference will be to your liking will be your perception.


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There is always an adjustment period. I never hit with a BD cue but I will say this about a lambros:
There have only been 3 cues that have made me reconsider using my lambros , a searing, a SW and an Ed Young. They play that good.


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Strangely enough I just changed a few months a go from a lambros with a standard shaft to a predator road line and I had no adjustment period. I just felt the predator hit a little stiffer but I didn't miss a beat.