Lane Simons cue with a truly unique story for sale


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The wood in this cue is a very light colored rosewood that was salvaged from a spiral staircase that was in a mansion in Savannah Ga that was destroyed by a hurricane Iin the mid 1800's. Story was verified by Lane Simons in person.
There wasn't enough wood to do a full splice so he did a short splice with ring work in the middle


Butt: 29" 5 points long sharp and even 15.5oz straight 3/8x10 brass pin
Shaft: 29" 3.7oz 12.8mm kamui black medium tip melamine ferrule straight.

cue is an awesome player that hits firm with plenty of action.

I am asking $375 obo for the cue this cue can never be duplicated and is truly a piece of history.

cue is about 85-90% with only a couple of small unnoticeable dings.

Pm or text 678-699-1938 for questions. NO TRADES!!!!


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To clarify I would have posted pics of the dings but they are too small to photograph you can only see by sighting down the cue and can't be felt.