Leagues in Vegas?


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I have a couple of friends that are moving to Vegas. They enjoy playing pool and have played at the Cue Club and a couple of places last time they were there. Neither of them are very familiar with the area so I said I would ask you guys where are some good places to play.

One of them in particular would like to play league. Around here it's mostly BCA but I think he would be fine playing any league, BCA, APA or an in house league somewhere. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post here.

If anyone from Vegas would want to help them with finding a league or at least a good place to play I could always give you their email add. via PM.

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Mickeys cues and brews has a inhouse league, BCA rules being played on 7 ft Diamonds. Southern Nevada 9 ball has eight ball monday and thursdays. Their 9 ball sucks, it's 2 Foul 9 ball. Go to www.playbca.com. Look under events for the diamond tour Las Vegas. It has alot of tournaments. Wayne