Lee Peppers Ebony & BEM Hoppe 4-veneers


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what kind of shaft does this cue have and why this shaft is that amazing?

IT IS MAGIC!!!!!!!!

lEE pEPPERS SHAFT. i HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT PLAYS SO GOOD. aSK THE GUY i BOUGHT IT FROM. hE DID NOT ADVERTISE IT WITH THE SHAFT, BUT i TALKED HIM INTO IT. iT PLAYS SO GOOD HE WANTED TO KEEP IT. aS SOON AS YOU HIT THE BALL YOU CAN TELL. WOOD AGE? Sorry for caps, accident and I am not redoing it. go look at the pics, if you see the pic of the shaft bottom, it looks mottled. When you hold it a 45% angle it turns into grain. I could sit here all day talking about it but honestly it plays so good even if I cannot use it I do not really care if it sells.
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