Lesson from Tiger Woods on Warming UP


I said: "Here kitty, kitty". Got this frown.
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I can see undercutting as the most way people miss. I try to never do that (I do, but I hate it). So, before play, I put the OB 1/2" off the middle of the rail. I vary the CB position from 10-15 degrees all the way out to 70-80 degrees. I'm am trying to keep that 1/2" space of the OB into the pocket. I NEVER want to touch the rail. We have 4 & 1/2 diamond tables and 99% of the time, touching that rail will make the ball miss, unlike pool hall tables where touching the rail will still make the ball. This shot is called missing on the "pro side" because if one misses with over cutting the OB is usually a safety.

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Long straight shots on the bias. Looking to not have any cue ball deflection and continuing until there is none.