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the Brunswick BUG bit me
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hiya all,

as most know i love to promote my belgium poolfriends, so right now u can folow the match live on bwin between Ortmann (One of the best players on the field, and my favorit to win this tour.) vs David Vanhauter wich is a very good friend and respected poolplayer.

gogo David :)

3 other belgiums have all won there matches, execept one. ---> then down left u can see pool with david vs ortmann and Nick vdb his match

ps sannwald vs nick 8-8 CLOSE match :)

ps2 nick loses 9-8 :s TRICKY shot on the last 2 balls, but he made it and won over nick :s to bad nvdb
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live on bwin just now:
Tony Drago vs Sandor Tot..
Again!!! (last eurotour too!)
Score: 10-4
time it took: 33 minutes!!!

Alex Lely vs Marek Derek (POL)
10.30 dutch time...
that another 45 minutes to go....


the Brunswick BUG bit me
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im not sure 100%, always been a member there, but i think u dont have it. sometimes im to lasy to type in my user and password, and i dont remember having anything different.

just click a pool bet, and in the upper side, left, ull have the audio and video option. just press the > play button, and you can watch as much as u want.