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I have a Gold Crown 4 coming next week. I am trying to figure out lighting. The table is going in the basement which is all cement walls but has tall ceilings (almost 9 foot). Can you guys please make some recommendations on lights and where to purchase. Thanks


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I did a decent amount of searching a year or so ago when I put my table in. My findings seemed to point to a purpose built pool table light. I just internet searched until I found the cheapest option for the same light I was after. I bought a 3 bulb black finish light for my 7' table but I believe for a little more they offered a 4 bulb. I think I paid about 110 bucks give or take. I believe that even included delivery. Pretty sure it came from Ozone Billiards. Be sure to pay attention to whether or not it's actually in stock or available within a window. I got the impression that a lot of these items were being dropshipped from any number of third parties. All in all the biggest difference is the bulb you choose. At the end of the day that's what makes the difference. I tried the LED type but I found that the light intensity was very concentrated in hotspots on the table. I ended up with the CFL type bulb in a daylight color spectrum. I like the way it looked against the tournament blue Simonis. But obviously this is somewhat of a personal choice.

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Let me know if you'd be interested in a LED flat panel

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