Limited edition predator LEXI made by McCarty and Mezz - stacked leather wrap


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Hi :)

As the description said, I'm selling a limmited edition Predator LEXI made by McCarty and Mezz.
The cue was refinished and not played afterwards. Custom stacked leather wrap and custom joint caps. This is not a typical predator cue, all the inlays have razor sharp edges. It's such a beauty, you gonna love it, when you hold it in your hands.
I don't use it anymore and would be happy if it finds a player who will use it again.

I have 3 Shafts for it, two Z Shafts and one with a ebony ferrule.

Cue 1150,-
one Z Shaft 100,- (both for 180)
Shaft with ivory ferrule 120,-

Let me know where you are and I tell you how much the shipping costs are.
Paypal accpeted, I ship the cue well protected in a case.



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Are these inlays micarta? And do you have pics of the entire set of shafts?

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as requested pictures of the shafts, all three are dead straight, I attached also a picture how I store them, to keep them straight.

The Z Shafts have Moorie medium tips - as you can see, they are like new.


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