looking for bk2, bk3 or mezz break cue


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pm what you have... my budget is 250-400

Would you be interested in a Mezz break cue and Mezz jump cue? I would like to sell them together if I can. I would ask $500 for both plus shipping.


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How much for the jump cue only? Also do you have references?
I would need to think about just selling the jump cues. I don't know what type of reference you are looking for? I've done several transactions of buying and selling with other AZ users. I'm not a business, I just own a lot of cues and cases that I will never use.


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pm what you have... my budget is 250-400
I have a Bk 3 Wrapless available. It's one of the last models before Predator discontinued the cue. Cue is in like new condition and sweet.
Message me back if you are interested. Thanks Paul


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My coworker has the newer version bk2 with black linen wrap.
If interested and still looking, message me and I will get price and pictures.

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