Looking for opinions on break/jump cues


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Hi all,
I'm thinking of buying an inexpensive break/jump cue, but I'd like some opinions. I've about narrowed the choice to the Rage Heavy Hitter or the AB Earth. Anyone have an opinion about the relative merits of these cues? I'd be open to other suggestions as well, but anything I buy will need to be in a modest price range. Thanks!


I think either will get the job done. I'm actually not familiar with the AB, but the specs look good for the price.

So have you hit with a heavy break cue? Imo, a 25oz cue is not the way to go. I wouldn't go above 21.


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I used a Heavy Hitter for a while. It's a good cue. I agree with the above though, I found that my break improved tremendously when I switched to a lighter cue. I had read that on-line and didn't believe it.. But it really is true. More power, more control.

Probably any cue would work fine for a break stick. Just get something in your budget that you like the looks of and put a hard tip on it.

All that being said, if you do still want a Rage, I could sell you mine cheap since I don't use it anymore.


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Thanks for the advice, everybody. I took and bought a cheap 21oz. Gater cue with a phenolic tip. Works great! Thanks, again!


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I grabbed an AB Earth, just to have a heavy break cue around the home table for those who like them. If you're into heavy breakers, I guess its ok (I'm not into them) - as a jump cue its meh, at best. Really, it's only good for long easy jumps that anyone should be able to do with a house cue. Unsolicited suggestion would be to focus on a dedicated lightweight jump cue and break with house cues until you figure out what you really want for a break cue.


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Hi @gwstexas - glad you found a break cue to your liking. I happen to own a Rage Heavy Hitter and another regular weight jump break cue (J&J). Bought the Rage to try it out, and I after using it for a while I tend to carry the J&J more. For me, the weight of the Rage is nice when I'm feeling a bit slow or lazy, as the extra weight feels like it's giving a bit more impact force without too much velocity. But on the other hand, it's extra weight in your cue case 😅.