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figured its time to let my collection of Pool dvds and books go to someone else. I have gained alot of knowledge from these and I feel its only fiting to pass it on at a huge discount...
First the Books:

8 Ball Bible - R. Givens
Play your best 9 ball - phil capelle
joe tuckers aiming system - joe tucker *with training aramith balls*
Banking with the beard - Freddy "the beard" Bentivegna
Precision Pool second edition - gerry kanov
99 critical shots of pool - Ray "cool cat" martin
playing off the rail - david mccumber
mcgoorty - robert byrne
cornbread red - bob henning
byrnes complete book of pool shots - robert byrne

now the dvds

Pro skills drills 55 safety play shots - nick varner
one pocket challenge Reyes vs. Frost -On The Rail TV *2 dvd's*
No time for Negative - Jimmy reed
The Art Of 8 Ball - Jimmy Reed
Power Pool Workout - robert Byrne
Robert byrne's gamebreakers - Robert Byrne
lee vann corteza vs. ralf souquet 2009 fat boy challange - accu stats
capelle on 9 ball archer vs. reyes - phil capelle
chris bartram vs. mika immonen - 2009 us open 9 ball match - accustats :)
banking with the beard the movie - Freddy "the Beard" Bentivegna
Banks that don't go but do! Volume 1 & 2 - Freddy "the Beard" Bentivenga

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about items

hi my buddie wants to if you will sell the items in singles instead of all together. let me know thanks.