Lucasi LPXS Pinnacle CF Shaft


it seems the introduction of the new CF shaft from Lucasi was a non-event. No big announcement that I could find. It doesn’t even show up on their website. However, Cue&Case claims to have them in stock. I expected a big announcement with a bunch of marking claims to jumpstart sales. As it stands now, it is just another $500 CF shaft in the rack!

Does anyone know anymore about this shaft than what I’ve stated?


These were originally supposed to have come out last fall. From their FB page...

Lucasi Hybrid

May 24 at 11:55 AM ·

aaaaaaaaand we're back! 😆🎉
It's happening! Lucasi Pinnacle Carbon Fiber shaft is coming June 2021. Limited stock available in Uni-loc 12.5mm configuration to start and 11.75mm slim shaft version coming September 2021. Contact your Lucasi dealer and reserve yours today!
PS: Lucasi Lux cue of the month is also making a comeback Q3 2021 🥳


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I seriously doubt this shaft breaks any new ground tech wise. It looks like a Cuetec with that ferrule. Wouldn't surprise me if they're using same cf supplier. I'm still surprised that prices have stayed so high on these shafts.
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I have a Lucasi LZC39 butt with a Predator 314-3 shaft. I am very happy with the combination, but I had the itch to try a CF shaft. For no particular reason I decided to wait to see Lucasi’s CF shaft. Well, now it is announced and I can find no compelling reason to buy it over any other good CF shaft that offers a Uni-loc joint!