Madison Livestream?

G Earl

G Earl
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Feedback Please - Pro or Con only! No *****ing.

One step at a time we are trying to improve the Madison tournament on-line experience.

Last time we added video with four tables on one screen

This time one camera on each table and each camera available to view to anyone anytime.

Next time we hope to add picture in picture view of Player Names and Scores.

So please tell us how was your viewing experience this past weekend?

Comments regarding Charts and Schedules are welcome. Were they timely and helpful?



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I really liked the video. It was nice to be able to see all the action. The quality was quite good considering you were streaming four tables. They must have a really good connection there! It would be real icing on the cake, if you added the aforementioned pip of the scores.


Gary - The stream was great!! Excellent work!! The PIP idea with scores and names is great! For this weekend - it was cool that you were chatting some updates on the scores and players. I just happened to be tuning in when Mazin ran 11. Good stuff!! I wouldn't have known the count if you hadn't chatted it. So glad I got to see it!

Can't wait to see what the next tourny brings in streaming improvements! :)


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I have ran tournaments with streaming before. ( Carom Club in Wyoming, Mi ). Tournaments will evolve as additional software/equipment/manpower increases. Names, scores, and audio is all that is missing. I got to see my friends play. Thanks and great job to all those involved.


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The only thing I really didn't like was not knowing the score. That's being addressed.

Maybe not possible to address is the wide angle lens distortion. Figure that out and you're about as good as it gets. Not possible? That's ok too. Its completely tolerable. I've seen much worse. So have you.