Mark Griffin Loses Battle with Cancer


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Mark Griffin, age 76, died peacefully on January 13, 2023 in his residence in Henderson, NV.

He will be cremated at Palm Eastern Mortuary & Cemetery in Las Vegas. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial donations to Donate Life America — Mark has inspired so many—and so many have said they will never forget him. When he knew his time was near, he asked us to invite all family and friends to his Celebration of Life at Griff’s Bar & Billiards in Las Vegas.

According to Mark’s wishes, there will be no service at the mortuary. A full obituary with more information will be available shortly.

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Wow! Mark will be missed by so many people. He did a lot of good things behind the scenes that most do not know about. He was generous with his time. Save me a seat no the rail, Mark!


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He will be missed. I have known this man personally for over 25 years and we have done a lots together in business! So much, I have learned from him. So many laughs we've had! I last talked to him last Sunday and he had high spirits and just bitching his arm out for not working. Again, we laughed.
You are free now Mark.
Rest in peace my friend!
I will see you on the flip side!


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I never had the chance to meet Mark in person but being as involved in pool as I am I feel like I did know him from all the times I saw his name pop up, a short interview here and there, and so on. Few if any have done more to make pool better.

Thank you Mark and may you rest in peace.


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Mark was astonishing. I worked with Mark on a near daily basis for six years in Vegas and then for about two remotely and although I left the sport in 2014, he and I still spoke regularly. He was this very rare mix of professional, relaxed, renegade, passionate, stubborn, creative, collaborative, non-conforming, humorous, at times frustrating, forgiving loyal, frugal, and generous individual. He was a mix of laid -back and fierce. All those who cared for him know all of these things about Mark. He was a unique individual and always be. I witnessed people both need and at the same time be rude and ugly towards him without a shred of reasoning. Mark worked from the high road, due to the enjoyment of creating, inventing, providing an atmosphere of quality. He worked in some way all the time, I’m sure in his head 24/7. That was Mark. He was fair and clever simultaneously. His life long friendships testify to his character. Mark’s legacy to the sport with continue through all of us who knew, worked, played with, laughter with, and talked with him.
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