May 5th One Pocket Tournament at Amazing Billiards Malden, MA


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Saw this on Reddit, jumped out at me since it's in my back yard. Perhaps some here are interested in competing?

May 5th One Pocket Tournament at Amazing Billiards Malden, MA
Amazing billiards and ADOEMA investments present Cinco de Mayo 5/5 $200 added One Pocket Tournament Live stream by POOL365
Doors at 10am starts at 10:30am
Handicapped Entry Fees by FARGO: Advanced (A) 675-600 - $60 Skilled. (B) 599-550 - $50
Intermediate (C)549-500 - $40 Beginner (D) <500 - $30
$5 Greens Fee
$10 DISCOUNT for PRE-REGISTER By Friday May, 3rd.
Max of 32 players
Even games/races
Players will match up in best interest of fairness and TIME!
Double Elimination 3/2 race***
90min match clock on winner side 60min match clock on one loss side Matches over time may be subject to shortened races
Rules: RYO R/R if ball made unless scratch then ball spotted and incoming player has shot from kitchen. Refer to BCA/WPA standardized 1P rules. Less for rule 6.1 which will be replaced with ALL BALL FOULS so tuck in your shirt and roll up your sleeves. (Unless BOTH players agree to play cue ball fouls only.) No snooze you lose, spotted per rule 9.4. Ball off table is a foul 1 playing cue only Non shooting player to spot balls, delicate spotting to be done by 3rd party. Lag for break unless playing lower tier player in which lower player breaks first. 3 foul rule in effect. Whole ball over the line.
Payouts: Guaranteed* subject to full field
1st: $500 2nd: $350 3rd: $200 4th: $100 5th/6th $50 Best C/D class (that doesn’t place) gets free buy to NEXT event


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Mr. Shooni has a really nice room. Especially those tables with the TOURNAMENT BLUE SIMONIS on them. ;)


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They sure got the Fargo ratings off there, D players would be 300 range not just under 500, C players are 400s.

I am guessing a few of the better players in the area would be there, I would put my money on Billy the Kid if he plays.

It is a nice room, I played in a few of their weekend tournaments, mostly fair handicaps and well run. Some of the best setup Gold Crowns also I ran into. I think they had a few funny playing European tables but they got rid of those. And of course plenty of 3C tables and Triangle chalk for people to try :smile:

Plus there is a regular there that acts like Earl, players would be 10 feet from him on another table and he would growl and make eyes at them like they were in his way or bothering him LOL Fun to watch. I remember he was at some tour event in RI, we were just practicing and he hit a shot where the cueball hit a ball, that ball hit a second ball but the second ball did not touch a rail. I went to pick up the cue ball and he started to cause a stink and calling me a cheater, saying he hit the balls.
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