Maynard Parrish (Rip)


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Rip lives in Littlestown Pa. I've known him about 35 years.
He used to be one of the best bar box players in our area.

He has shared his experience with me and others and has been
an inspiration for all who have played with or against him.

Rip was born in Illinois, but won his first State Championship in Iowa 1967.
This was because the same guy knocked him out of Illinois State Championship
2 years in a row.

He went on to compete in U.S. Opens, and was ranked highly in the World
of 3 cushion Billiards.

I could go on and on about Rip, but I can't tell you he played the game
well and has alot of players respect.

Rick Hamme


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He is from Monmouth Illinois. The older local players still remember him. Best player to come out of Monmouth since Ralf Greenleaf.
he did mention he played with ralf greenleaf. not sure what town he actually came from. i just spoke to him 1/2 hour ago and he is
still hitting balls.


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Hi, Rip is his nickname, he is live and well. sorry for the confusion.

Rick, to avoid further confusion, I would suggest editing your first post to make it more clear. You can do that simply by clicking on "edit" at the bottom of your first post, make the changes you want, then click "save" and that is all there is to it. I think if you just add the following to the very beginning of your post all would be clear: "My good friend's name is Maynard Parrish, but we call him 'Rip'. No, not that kind of RIP, but rather it is just his nickname that is Rip, and Rip is presently still very alive and well."
he did mention he played with ralf greenleaf. not sure what town he actually came from. i just spoke to him 1/2 hour ago and he is
still hitting balls.
There are very few people left who ever saw Greenleaf, much less who knew or played him, and those that have given first hand accounts are fewer less. If you get a chance, ask your buddy some questions about Greenleaf, and report back here. Things like how he knew him and how well and when, his impression of him, any stories that he finds of personal or historical interest, etc.

And if he wants to share more stories about himself and his pool journeys, or about any other players he knew, especially from the earlier days where the stories and historical knowledge are much more sparse, well there are plenty here that would love to hear those too. Thanks in advance.

If you could coordinate it, it would also be a good idea to video tape one or more sessions where he tells stories and answers questions. Too much of the history from that era has already been lost, and the last opportunities such as this to save any more of it will soon to be permanently lost as well if we don't start actively trying to save it.
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Maynard was born early/mid forties, and Ralph didn’t die until 1950, so it IS possible he visited his hometown, and played a child in one of the Monmouth rooms then that DID admit them (?). Unlikely though. Don‘t know how old Maynard was when he started playing, BUT, he definitely WAS the best player in town, and likely a 100 ball runner by the time I first encountered him in the room where I hung out as a young teen. I watched him beat the ‘Knoxville Bear’ (Eddie Taylor) at 3 cushion back in the early 60s, (though not at banks or 14.1). Maynard was a stylish 9 baller, who broke from the headrail on our local 9 footers with slow cloth (preferred a ‘whippy’ snooker shaft then). I recall a two-day-long session with a Rock Island (?) hot-shot/shortstop, who was eventually sent home broke!


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I offer this thread as evidence that reincarnation is a real thing. RIP to thread titles as misleading as this one.