Meucci Carbon Pro and Budget Billiards Issues?


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Still waiting on my repair. Butt refinish and new shaft. Been there since July. I called before sending and they told me to expect 6-8 weeks. It has now been 16 weeks. I've emailed back and forth with Julia (who was helpful), and Darren, who has responded but all I'm being told is that "it's going to be a while because we are extremely behind". He was not willing to give me any estimate of ETA. I have bought three Meucci's in the past 4 months and a CF shaft as well. All arrived quickly, even the custom CF shaft. It is almost like there are two separate companies over there. Darren offered (suggested?) that I just have him return my cue rather than wait for the repair. It it weren't for the sentimental value, I would just scrap it.
it took me 2yrs and calling once per month to get my Prather cue back. i ordered two custom shafts. after about a year i decided to order a shaft from budget billiards (just to see what would happen) for a Jerry R 360 .... took 2 months. Obviously if you want a meucci shaft in a reasonable amount of time .... go with budget billiards.... any repair work from meucci expect X number of years and constant hassle. Darren seems like a good guy .. but all i ever got was should be ready in a couple weeks or we will call you when its ready or promised phone calls that never happen.

in the end the cue was sent back and everything matched up perfect .... work was done right and well done ... just time and customer service lacking


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not saying i wouldnt order from them again, but if it is just a shaft i want and not real concerned with exact match i would just order from budget billiards


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Could possibly just not enough help for the amount of work they have coming in ...... not sure how tight margins are to make profits .... maybe tough to keep good help ... or not enough people qualified for some of the things they need .... not knocking meucci ..... just expect a long wait ...


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I recently purchased a Meucci Carbon Pro 30" with a 12.25 mm shaft. I had custom ring work done to match my Meucci Natural Diamond cue. Upon receiving the CF shaft from Budget Billiards, I measured it and the diameter was 12.00mm. I have have high-end Mitutoyo calipers that I know are accurate. The ring work and tip install is beautiful. But I'm very disappointed that they gave me a shaft that is .25 mm smaller than what I ordered. It's a game of mm and .25 is a big difference when you're down on the cue ball.
I spoke to Darren at Meucci and he told me that they did indeed send me a 12mm after I told him that it measured out to .4710" He told me to reach out to Budget Billiards and see about the return. I'm afraid that they won't return it because of the custom ring work but when you're paying $470.00 you would expect them to maintain a tight standard and margin of error for cue diameter. They're cue should look like miles to them.
Do any of you have experience with Budget Billiards and know what I'm up against?
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