Mezz cue advice?

Garo 7

I don't know, I was just on Mezz USA and very few cues had "out of stock" notes. Almost everything could be added to a cart and purchased.
In two months half of what they have that is new will be out of stock, and the nicest ones for sure. Then you have to wait for the next model. old ones are gone, then sold 6 months later for twice what they were new. And that model is gone forever. You have to go used to find them, and usually most great model are never sold by those who got them.

If you like one buy it. Dont hesitate. Or you'll be sorry.


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I just bought a wrapless Mezz EC 9 from Mezz USA on Tuesday. Has the WX-Sigma shaft. Cue is great. I have the Ignite CF shaft coming in today, then I will have a complete Mezz package.