Mosconi cup


Earl's demeanor does look totally different today. Maybe the thrill of the team victory and the support of the crowd yesterday has eased his mind some. He is a different person today.


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Ye JJ musta figured it would be SVB in a lock so he put him up next for 2 in a row. Way to go fans. Maybe UK fans did most of the voting. Flashbacks of mobs voting for the worst singer on American Idol just to F something up.

again, anyone can vote and pool fans are global. any kind of drama or rivalry is likely to get votes. i say make it geo locked so that euro fans can only be voting for euro players and USA fans for US players. but then asian fans don't get to interact at all, and asia is a big market for MR.


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Loved that talk by Shane in between games. Earl saying he dogged it. Should have done something different early in the rack...Shane with the calm don't worry about it\1 ball at a time\looking good
\put it behind you! Nice.