Moving Diamond Smart Table w/o Cart?


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Hi, I'm Doug and I own, recover and service pool table's in central Ohio.

I have one Smart Table that will need to be moved soon but no cart like the factory uses. My plan is to remove the complete rail assembly and the pocket gullys one side and attach these boards to the slate on that side and then lift it on it's side and onto the truck. At the location it will be on a four wheel dolly and moved through the door, no steps involved. The bolts through the boards have silicone tubing on the inside so no metal touches the slate if it settles on the tightened up bolts.

Whatcha think?


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I've seen them moved with two short 6x6s bolted to furniture dolly so there is no pressure on the skirt.


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We made a couple of these. 4 fixed wheels from harbor freight. Basically scraps of wood. It's set up right now to fit a valley but it works on the smart tables too with different shimming. The wood with the tire tread on it undcrews and you add a block under it so the bottom hits the under framing and not the upper apron of the diamond table. Strap it to the side tight all the way around the table and tip the table on to it. Works quite well. Cheap too.



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Doug, I'm in Dayton and have a Diamond cart, and I think Chris Williams in Columbus still has access to them. Could that be an option for you?