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This is a machine that is made out of a Black Decker drill. It has a 40" oak bed. It has a speed control and a foot switch. I used it for doing irish linen wraps. It has a live center on the tailstock. As you can see it is a simple machine. It did what it was made for and had the speed to press the wraps. I never had to replace anything on this simple lathe. I did have to use ear plugs when pressing the wraps as it is a little loud. The linen sat below the lathe on a bracket connected to the table. I also had a spring connected to the bracket to put tension on the thread if I had to stop before I was done with the wrap. If I had to wait on someone or answer the phone.


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my lathe and another little prototype in progress

Just to show off a bit, here is my homebuilt lathe (the larger unit). It's a Gingery lathe, built from aluminum castings using homemade patterns and a homemade furnace. It would be pretty simple to extend to fit a shaft or butt .... maybe someday. For now it is a pretty basic turning lathe.

In the front, on the towel I tossed on the bench to cover the mess, is a prototype 'lathe' that hopefully someday will be used to spin bits of deer antler into cylinders for sale as cue parts. It will have an overhead slotted table with a guide/stops to take the router, which will be slid across manually.

I love to build machines :)



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