My experience with Tom Watters / Recollection cues


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I ordered a custom cue a while back and in anticipation to getting it I sold my cue. That build is taking a little longer than expected for acceptable reasons but by me selling my cue I had nothing. I didnt really have the money to purchase a cue. I was trolling the cue dealer sites and came across Recollection cues. Long story short..Tom Watters was gracious enough to work out a deal with me that allowed me to purchase a Mike Durbin cue. I just wanted to say that dealing with Tom was one of the best experiences I ever had..he is a generous gentleman and I have utmost respect for sure to check out his site...he has amazing cues at great prices. Just wanted to express to fellow AZers how positive this experience was


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tom is a great guy....we chated at the expo this year for 10 minutes or so about that monster mobley he has....super nice and seemed very honest...