My (new to me) McDermott C-21


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I'm a proud owner of a Mcdermott C-21! Here's a few pics to show it off

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I found it in a pawn shop! Are you freakin' kiddin' me?!?! I really HAD to pull the trigger on it…

Not the best pics, sorry…I was using my phone…and these are the first pics i've uploaded here...


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pawn shop mcd

Great pawn shop score. Thing is they always made a great hitting cue. This I'm sure is no exception. Good for you....Matt D.


Mcdermott C Series

One of my favorite older model mcdermott cues. Congrats! Now I need to score a pawn shop find like you.


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Great cue! I had one just like it was stolen from Breakers in mobile couple years ago had a tacky VJ or vr hand carved on it at butt.very nice cues play very well! As good as any out there your c21 is collectible might be a keeper!