My priceless Huebler Collection.


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Just thought I would share a few pics of my "PRICELESS" Huebler collection.

Left to Right.

The first cue was won at VNEA Junior Nationals in the youth team division(9-13). 3rd place. I was 10 years old at the time. We had a great year, but knew we had alot ahead of us as the other two were just 11.

The second cue was and still is my most memorable event to date. We made it to the champoinship of the 7th annual youth division through the b side. We double dipped the team to take the championship. It was a great experience. I have pics of myself holding a 4 foot trophy above my head. To top it off that year I also won the speed pool event. In the championsip I had a time of 54 sec. for an 11 year old.:eek: I couldnt sleep for a week as the adrenaline was still in me.

The third cue was from the teams last year in the youth age group. We made it all the through on the A side to win back to back titles. I also won the artistic pool this year. Although this year wasnt even comparable to the previous.

The forth cue was from my last year attending the event at the age of 13 when I won a mini singles.

We never attended as a team after we won the second title, as one of the kids quit pool:( I really regret not attending the event for the last 7 years.:( All in all it provides tons of memories and cues to pass down to the next generations.


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