National Billiard Academy 3 Day Pool Clinic-Highly Recommended!!!


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For what it is worth, I just wanted to let my fellow AZers know about Tom Simpson's National Billiard Academy. I attended his traveling 3 Day pool clinic in NJ and it truly was great. Mark Finkelstein also instructed. If you want to improve your game no matter what your skill level check out Tom's website at I highly recommend this to people who love and enjoy the game and want to get better- Better with the Stick!!!- that is!

If you think you know too much now, guess what you don't know what Tom knows and he is willing to share his trade secrets and expertise in instruction with those who want to know more and improve to reach a higher potential no matter where you are at now.

I got a lot out of it, more than I thought I would. I expected a lot for the money and NBA exceeded my expectations!

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Good to hear. Tom is a very well repected BCA Master Instructor....SPF=randyg