need help with ID of a schon sl18?


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:confused: i have been trying to identify this cue of mine for a while now... i have contacted schon about it through email... but i have not recieved a reply. i believe it is a version of the sl18 but im not sure. the wrap is different as well as the wood on the cue. if someone with knowledge could help it would be greatly appreciated. also... i wish to have it refinished and have a leather wrap added.. any suggestions ??? thanks in advance for all replys.


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I checked the blue book and except for the rings your cue is an exact match with an sl-18.
Worth $800 in 90% condition, $500 in 70%.
Schon often makes minor changes to the desing without changing the name of the cue.
Standard the cue has blocks of ebony/hardwood in the rings, and the birds-eye can be stained.

gr. Dave