New Bullet Proof "Clear" Break Tips Are The Bomb!


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Bulletproof break tips are The Bomb, and I mean bomb! Better than Toam, Icebreaker, or any of these plastic Tips and more control than a hard leather Samsara! the finish requires no sc4uffing as the surface grabs the Cue Ball and does Magic!! I can draw with this Tip, go forward after exploding the rack to.make the 9 on the snap more times in the month I've been. playing with it than all year! just a light dusting of Chalk and I'm popping straight up on the break, or going into the long rail and back through the pack. And Jumping! I play straight pool and never learned to jump, and like my break, jumping was the weakest part of my game, Not Anymore! I'm blasting 2 to 3 balls in on a good break, and at least one or 2 on an average break, and this is a guy that dry broke regulatory! I'm jumping like crazy and even getting and controlling draw after the break! this Bulletproof Glass Tip is a game changer for me! more so then my Revo or Mezz Expro Shafts! the hit and action has to be felt to be believed! a friend put Bulletproof Break Tip on his Revo 12.9mm and it is an insane Breaker even better then my Mezz Deep Impact pro! I'm putting one on my Revo 12.4 and will keep you posted! finally the edge I needed! Thank you good Folks at Bulletproof Break Tips! I owe you big time!

Check Out Video! Jump/English
And No I do not work for these people nor have I received any free tips!
It's just a great USA Product! I got tired of sending my hard earned fins to Finland! Although I do like the new Toam Leather Fusion Playing tip! Its hard in the center and softer around the edges, great action.


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