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New USAPL League Operator

Hello all,
I was hoping to receive some comments or suggestions regarding USAPL leagues in your area. I have been playing pool, as both a player and room owner of @ 40 years. I would greatly appreciate any constructive input.


Terry C

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I have spent quite a bit of time reading the past threads on this forum. My favorites are posts from LWW, Overlord,jimmyg, Black balled, and some others.
I live on a farm and only play pool on my home table. I’m 52 and have been a CNC programmer for 30yrs. Thanks for letting me in



Been lurking for a while. Decided I should sign up and contribute!
Played a lot when I was younger and recently started to rededicate myself to the game.


Long time lurker, university student with a passion for all cuesports.

Favorite games to watch are Snooker and 3C.

14.1 is my favorite game to play currently, would like to get into one pocket.

Outside pool I enjoy downhill skiing, golf, shooting, reading, music, D&D and science fiction media


I’m Shaun 34. I live in the (north) Bay Area CA. Always played the game casually but the past few years have really become obsessed and serious. Running drills daily and not just banging a rack around for practice. I have a 9ft Olhausen at home and if anyone is close by I’d love to play/learn something.


New Guy Here..

Hello AZBilliards. My name is Julio Rice. I've been spending a lot of time here on the forums recently. Mostly in the Ask a Mechanic section. I am an up and coming table mechanic myself. I started working with Kerry Rhodes, of RidgeBack Rails, a little over a year ago. I met him right at a time when he was wanting to get out of servicing tables so we struck a deal for me to apprentice under him and I would take over the service side of his business. A Better Billiards Service. Kerry is still working hard every day making the finest replacement rails for your Valley and Dynamo tables, as well as some others. I have learned a lot from Kerry and look forward to learning much, much more from the other talented mechanics here on AZBilliards. I look forward to getting to know the folks here and hopefully can also be a contributing member in the near future. I guess I should also add that I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Take it easy. Julio
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New to the forum but have been playing pool my whole life. In the Air Force for 26 Years now. Looking forward to having some knowledge and skills on here.

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Hi everyone,

Floyd from SF Bay Area

Recently got back into playing pool cause of pool table at work and found that I
Really like the challenge of the game . So now I'm hooked on getting better at this
Game and stumbled on this site. I want to thank all the people on this site for the
Time,effort and knowledge they put into this site to help everyone.

Joined apa for 1 session sl5 8 ball ,liked the competion but with my schedule was to much.
Hopefully going to try bca league closer to me.

Wishing everyone happy holidays!!!!
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Hi Everyone,
Not entirely new here, but just now saw this, so thought I would introduce myself.

From Central Illinois.

Been playing pool for the last 25 years. In my early 20's I was shooting pool almost every night in leagues. Things have slowed down as I've gotten older and now only shoot 1 night a week and its certainly not taken as serious as in my earlier years.

I come here to enjoy looking at all the custom cues for sale.

In my case:
Huebler 1 of 1
Huebler Custom Chess Set Cue
The Frog by Robin Dobson

Wish List:
Paul Huebler's US Open Cue


Mickey Mantle #7
Not new to the game, but started getting serious about it several years back. I am what I would say better then average, but long ways from being what I refer to as a scratch player. Play with a Predator and the new Vantage shaft. Play in ABA league and a C+ player. As a 71 year old, I am an old dog, but always looking for ways to learn new tricks. Big time NY Yankee fan, Ex Green Berets in Vietnam.


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Good afternoon all. Apparently I need to introduce myself now that I have ruffled some feathers.

I'm a mechanical designer who has bounced around the Midwest and no lives in NC.

I've played pool off and on for 20 years (currently 38 years old). Only about 4-5 years of that were at all serious. I'm hoping to start working on my game and step it up a good bit. I'm currently an APA 8-ball 4/5, so clearly there is a lot of room for improvement.

I'm not trying to be a world beater, I just want to be more consistent and hold my own.

Only interesting bit about me is that I met my wife at a pool tourney, so at least I have that going for me.


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Okay, thanks!

Yeah I see I used the word 'competition' where I shoulda used 'league', I guess. Anyway, like I mentioned here: we don't have a handicap system, we always play on 9ft tables and besides 8 and 9 we also play 10ball, straight pool and 10ball scotch doubles.

The leagues are organized in districts and divisions.
Districts cover a smaller area (so closer to home). Levels are a bit lower. Played in the evenings on week days.
Divisions cover a bigger area of Holland (higher division = bigger area), played during weekends and play level increases with each higher divisions too. The highest division has players like Niels Feijen, Marco Teutscher, Nick vd Berg etc.


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dalton from florida
28 yr old been playing for 5-6yrs
about to start nursing school and then turn professional in the pool circuit/ i currently shoot with a ZAC cue with a QB shaft made by qball himself. Been looking for the right kind QB custom cue for a while. some one let me know


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Hi people. I'm from Hawaii, hence my moniker "islandboy." I learned to play at "Guys & Dolls," in Shreveport, LA.

Love to play, but have always taken multi-year breaks from the game. Just starting to hit balls again and it sure feels good.

What a great game we have.


Cues 4 Christ
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A new business plan for 2018

Hello everyone in the AZ community.
I want to welcome all of the new members.
A big heart felt hello to all Veteran members.
Since 2016, I have used the title CHRIST Billiards n More for my business.
I wish to extend my gratitude for all of my customers over the last 10 years.
In July 2015 I myself became a homeless Veteran. For 16 months I learned how to survive without the normal creature comforts of a stable home or job.
I returned back to GA. in April 2016, but I was still homeless waiting on disability.
The housing programs or lack of are definitely inadequate.
I now live in an apartment that I call home.
This year, I have decided to do even more with a percentage of the business proceeds, which will be going towards helping our homeless Veterans.
A minimum of 5% from sales will be set aside for our male Veterans project.
In addition a 5 day grace period will be implemented. Anyone in the U.S. who is not happy with his or her purchase can return it & receive a refund. International customers minus shipping charges.
I am now a dealer for Sly Custom Cues & Dominiak Custom Cues & shafts.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you & GOD bless you,
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Bankshot Billia

Rob from Bankshot Billiards,Inc.

Not new here but, new user name I have been running/owning pool room for last 24 years. Looking to see how other have been rolling. Play mo pool.


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Fat James

Hello All

Hi there i'm James, I live in Canton Texas and have been outta the game for a good while.. I have just started playing again and the pool bug has got me.. I played league in BCA for years when I was younger outta Speeds Billards in Dallas and look forward to at some point getting back into a league.. I have been reading this Forum for a long time but finally decided to join when I start playing again.. Thanks for letting me in :D


I haven’t played for at least ten years and am thinking of getting back into billiards. Last time I played was in a friendly 9-ball tournament sponsored by a billiards/pool discussion forum (I forget which one).

So, just saying hello from Wisconsin.


Hi guys! I'm Brian from Chicago. I fell in love with pool back in college, and played a ton throughout the 90's. I then got married, had kids, and the next thing you know nearly two decades passed and I barely picked up a cue. I recently decided that I really missed it, so I went to a couple pool halls to see if I still had any skills. Well the skills, not so much, but the love of the game is still there. :)
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